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Have you heard the buzz?

Meet Our Bee Colonies

We partnered with the Best Bees Company in April of 2019 to create a beehive home on our rooftop! After our bees arrived from Georgia, the bee colony members had to orient themselves and become comfortable with their new (unrelated) queen. Shortly after all the bees were acustomed to their home and leader, the queen began to lay up to 2,000 eggs per day! 

December Update: Healthy colonies are able to generate enough warmth inside the beehive to survive the outside winter temperatures.
The bees will cluster around the queen, exchanging outer core bees for inner core bees. The bees along the outer
shell of the cluster remain motionless, acting as a layer of insulation. 81°F is the average temperature observed on
the inside of a cluster, while 48°F is the average temperature of the exterior shell of the cluster.

Here's an update from our beekeeps:  In late November or early December, our beekeepers will take care not to disturb the colonies, as the weather may be quite cold and the bees dormant. They’ll check one more time on the size and health of each colony. If there were Varroa mites on the previous visit, they’ll apply one more treatment in the form of a liquid oxalic acid dribbled on the cluster between frames. If there’s any remaining liquid feed, they’ll remove that to reduce moisture content. Last but not least, the beekeeper may also add a honey board to provide any lightweight colonies with the food stores they need for winter months.

Stay tuned for monthly beehive actvity update. 

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How can you enjoy the bees?


We have a sweet treat for you! Enjoy the local honey served in our onsite restaurant, Reflections. 

You can also share the honey love with your friends and family. If you enjoy the honey during your stay, consider purhcasing a few jars from our shop! 


From our partners at the Best Bees Company, with your new jar of honey try creating one of these delcious bites!

For Breakfast:

For Lunch:

For Dinner:

For Desert: