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Have you heard the buzz?

Meet Our Bee Colonies

We partnered with the Best Bees Company in April of 2019 to create a beehive home on our rooftop! After our bees arrived from Georgia, the bee colony members had to orient themselves and become comfortable with their new (unrelated) queen. Shortly after all the bees were acustomed to their home and leader, the queen began to lay up to 2,000 eggs per day!


Beehives September Update

The bees are looking healthy as they are starting to bring in more nectar and pollen. Goldenrod has come into bloom, marking the Fall nectar flow.

The goal for both the colony and the beekeepers is to begin consolidating for Winter. The Queens will start to lay fewer eggs which will slowly decrease the population, however the colony must maintain an adequate  population size that is large enough to sustain the colony while foraging in the Fall. The beekeepers have reorganized resources as a preliminary step to consolidating equipment for winter. During future visits, the beekeepers will look to remove the extra equipment so the bees are nice and cozy for Winter!

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