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Have you heard the buzz?

Meet Our Bee Colonies

We partnered with the Best Bees Company in April of 2019 to create a beehive home on our rooftop! After our bees arrived from Georgia, the bee colony members had to orient themselves and become comfortable with their new (unrelated) queen. Shortly after all the bees were acustomed to their home and leader, the queen began to lay up to 2,000 eggs per day! 

Feburary Update: Without any blooms to provide nectar, bees live off their finite honey stores during the winter. The
colony slows their metabolism and focus on keeping the queen warm. A fertile and cold-hardy queen will
usually begin laying eggs by Valentine’s Day. If she does, her bees will raise and maintain a cluster
temperature of 95 F for development of the brood. Pulling out and exposing a frame could accidentally
ruin a generation of brood.

Stay tuned for monthly beehive actvity update. 

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How can you enjoy the bees?


We have a sweet treat for you! Enjoy the local honey served in our onsite restaurant, Reflections. 

You can also share the honey love with your friends and family. If you enjoy the honey during your stay, consider purhcasing a few jars from our shop! 


From our partners at the Best Bees Company, with your new jar of honey try creating one of these delcious bites!

For Breakfast:

For Lunch:

For Dinner:

For Desert: